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Oh No (yes)! Oh My!

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Oh No! Oh My!-Jane is Fat

Don't get confused here-Oh No! Oh My! is the band. The band that I talked about way back. The one who's all about the unbearably sweet and wonderful and sunshine butwith biting lyrics and such catchiness that it becomes overwhelming? With these ringing acoustic guitars and such a bouncy chorus? The one whose CD is officially released (and is so great!) with art and everything, and you should buy for only $8, shipping included? This band. The band that used to be called the Jolly Rogers (a cute name, to be sure, but once you get used to it, Oh No! Oh My! does have that ring to it) but is now named after a Robot Ate Me song.

The Robot Ate Me-Oh No! Oh My!

And then, there is The Robot Ate Me, who I (wrongly) assumed to be one of those indie classics that everyone knew anyway and didn't need an introduction, because they have that sound, that perfection of lo-fi indieness. They wrote the song "Oh No! Oh My!", presented here in all its glory for your in depth enjoyment. Because, it's so understandable why Oh No! Oh My! would name themselves after this song, because these lyrics--politics and genocides, but sang in such a soothing, carefree fashion that you almost don't notice the subject matter, until you find yourself singing along about these poor African statistics...a Robot Ate Me signature thing. And once you get to that line, that brilliantly sang "oh no! Oh my!", everything clicks. It becomes another experience.

But these bands share more than just a name. There is the fact that they are both underrated, underappreciated wonderful, delightful listens in need of a far larger audience and recognition. There is the fact that both are indie pop of the most wonderful sort, with all the jingling elements and then something unique, so repeated listening is totally preferred, so singing along is totally warranted, but that after taste of oh wow, that was so great, that after taste still hangs strong.



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