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I Was Lucky as a Gypsy Curse

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Bishop Allen-A Quarter to Three

Signs that an artist or song is incredibly good:
♥Repetative, non stop listening of said artist and/or song.
♥The need to clap hands, bob head, and dance around in a bizarre fashion and sing along without really knowing the lyrics (snaps included).
♥The inability to decide on a song to post and finally deciding on one that's been stuck in listener's head at the moment, as all songs have been stuck at various points.
♥Hating oneself for not discovering said artist sooner.
♥The need to share said artist/song despite studying responsibilities and a melted brain.
♥Realizing why a blog like You Ain't No Picasso could be named after said artist's songs.
♥Realizing said artist could become the listener's new favorite indie band as well.
♥Deciding that the seemingly insane an EP a month this the band is doing is actually one of the most amazing things ever. New Bishop Allen every month!



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