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Ambulance LTD-Primitive (The Way I Treat You)

It's been a slow day, like, terribly uneventful and lazy. And, there are AP exams and assorted tests gathered together in this week and the next two, which means I might have to post sparringly (or find guest bloggers...hey, imagine that!). So, here's this song. My slow, relaxed, lazy, arrogant, and oddly reassuring present for your week. The cool, cool tone, the repetative promise and simple request, the confident, commanding vocals beckoning you to...yes, relax, don't think about it, the way I treat you. And the drawn out guitars, the low key but prickling melody, the swaying quality of the song. Just listen, and trust me on it.



I like it when you talk to me
Listen, love, buy.
MP3s don't last forever.

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