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Opening...Dead Milkmen-Mae-Modest Mouse

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So this blog was supposed to have its Grand Opening tomorrow, but I realized that tomorrow's April Fool's and everything so I might as well post today. So your first three mp3s will be an example of what to expect. I've got the Dead Milkmen, Mae, and Modest Mouse all together and all for your enjoyment.

The Dead Milkemen is one of my favorite pop punk bands (if not the favorite) ever. Listening to any of their songs never fail to make me smile, and the lead singer's voice has that playful, michevous edge to it that fits with the music so well. Punk Rock Girl is a funny, fun, 2 minute something song about...punk rock girl. Check out the cool paper doll that went along with it.

You all should know who Modest Mouse is (and if you don't, shame on you. But don't worry, redeem yourself by listening to this song and buying a CD or two), but since I'm here, might as well tell you how strange their music is in the most wonderful way. It's really hard to put a name to it, so I guess everyone knows them as indie rock, despite their obvious other styles. 3rd Planet, off their CD The Moon and Antactica is one of those cases where you listen to it once and want to listen to it again and again and again and again and again...

And finally we have Mae, a releatively new pretty emoish indieish popish band. You know the ones I'm talking about. Sweet voice with pretty vocals, perhaps like Death Cab for Cutie but without so much indie. Summertime is one of their signature songs off their 2003 record Destination: Beautiful. Nothing to do but to listen.

The Dead Milkmen-Punk Rock Girl
Modest Mouse-3rd Planet



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