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Hey everyone, I'm blogging today on The Bubble Death. I'm Conor, I write a blog called San Diego Serenade, and until Friday, I had never heard of The Bubble Death. But I'm honored to guest here and hope that my guest posting leaves you salivating for more, possibly encouraging a bloody coup of the regular blog authorship.

American Death Ray - Miss America (What Goes On)

I think you should all check out American Death Ray. I learned about this band back in college, while reading the occasional column that Editor David Fricke has in the reviews section of Rolling Stone. These columns usually end with a footnote that says "David Fricke has been to more shows than you could even imagine" or "David Fricke has over 25,000 albums in his collection." You know, the kind of stuff that really makes you hate that huge smiling wierdo. The most recent one included the phrase "Pianist Thomas Koppel was a big reason why I collect and care about Scandanavian music." The only positive thing that reading this column has ever given to me was the discovery of American Death Ray.

The band is from Memphis, and what originally intrigued me about them is the way that the singer sounds like Lou Reed. So that's a big positive for all the VU/Lou Reed fans out there. They also work their music up into a far more manic frenzy than anything Lou Reed has made in the past 25 years, and it all usually comes to a joyous boilover with the aid of the screeching rock saxophone that is prominent on all the songs. They are one of the bands I truly wish were still around playing live shows, and I heartily recommend checking out their album "Smash Radio Hits" which also includes songs in the same rockin' vein such as "Baby Lightning" but also a kick ass ballad called "Arms So Long."

When you're done listening to that, come check out my blog, because I just put up my first ever podcast. It's over an hour and a half of theories, rants and music. If you make it all the way through, you're a better man than any member of my immediate family.



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